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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tiny Model: Hana Qistina at The Regency - 26.12.10

This post is not really about makeup.
I just felt like sharing a few pictures of my cousin, Hana.
I just love how my little cousin, Hana is so into makeup.
She comes from a family with three boys, and she is the youngest girl and yet she is such a girly girl in all possible ways.
All things pink, frilly dresses, teddy bears and Barbie dolls and of course makeup, btw, she's only 3 years old!
She celebrated her 3rd birthday last Sunday, in P.D. with her whole family and mine too.
That evening, she went to our room and I ended up giving her a 'makeover' as her birthday treat!
She was so excited! She even chose her own color of blusher, the brightest most shocking pink I owned in my palette, that shows how much she loves pink.
After that we had a little photo session by our little balcony.
Wow, she knows how to pose, just like a professional, she took instructions pretty well, considering that she always do things in her cute little way.
Here are some shots.

 <3 <3 <3

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