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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Outdoor Shoot: Ti'qa - 28.12.10

I did an outdoor photoshoot today.
Thanks to Ti'qa for giving me this opportunity.
*Gotta <3 her~
She's actually entering a contest held by Tudung Fareeda.
So good luck to her, hope she gets it.
She is very talented as a model, very bold and brave.
Highly respects her for that.
Well, enough about her, going on about the shoot.
Promised her to start at 10am, but as usual, I will be 15 minutes late.
I went there with my sister Elyna.
But I was glad; I wasn't the only one late.
The photographer was late as well.
It is quite a funny story; apparently Ti'qa did not have the contact number of the photographer that was supposed to shoot her.
She did contact the photog last night through FB and arranged our little shoot, but missed his contact number due to the bad internet connection she had last night.
So, she was busy calling everybody she knows for his contact number, and finally managed to get one of her friends that had his number.
Actually, at the same time, the photog was also calling everybody to get to her.
Thank god, finally.
So, once Felix, our photog arrived, we started our makeup session at about 12pm.
And we started our shoot at about 2pm.
I did not wait until the end of the shoot, because my sis Elyna needed to get back home.
Well, that's the short version of the story.
So here are a few shots by my sis Elyna.
More photos will be updated once the photog submits.

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