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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dinner Makeup at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa - 15.12.10

Hi all.
I haven't really written anything in my past few posts other that the basic descriptions.
So, I'm going to write a few things from my heart tonight.
Last week on Wednesday, I had a job from none other than my loyal customer, my Mak Ude at the location as above.
She was attending a Shell Company annual dinner that night.
I went there with my two sisters, one as my navigator, and the other one as my PA. Lol~

As we arrive at 4.15 pm, my friend Moon is already waiting there for me.
Moon was going to do the makeup for 2 of my aunt's friends in a different room, and I was going to attack my aunt's and her sister's faces in another room. Haha *evil laugh*.
Our clients were in a conference until 5.00 pm, so we waited there.
While we waited we talked and asked a few questions, and talked some more, shared experiences and of course gossiped.
Maybe I'll share some of things we talked about one day.

Once our clients are done with their conference, we went straight to the lift lobby.
That's where we had a bit of a complication.
My aunt introduced Moon to one of her friends that Moon was supposed to do makeup for, but the lady said she did not make any reservation for Moon and that she has already booked her own makeup person.
Hmm.. That's weird because my aunt was very sure she booked for Moon through their other friend.
What ever the deal was my aunt is very sure that that lady was trying to sabotage her.
Kind of childish for a mature woman of her age if that was the case.
My aunt was not going to let that happen, she called around, asking if any of her friends would like to have a makeup artist at that time.
Thank god someone wanted one, so Moon still get to do 2 makeup sessions even though the first lady cancelled. Amin~

So, with all the things going on, my aunt getting ready, taking a bath, calling around and what not, we started our makeup session at about 5.45 pm.
And I started doing her sister's makeup at about 6.50 pm. About 30 minutes to go!!
And both of them were supposed to be ready by 7.15 pm, 7.30 is the cutting time.
But Alhamdulillah, we manage the get ready in time (I think), exactly 7.30 pm they walked out the door.
They left us in the room, packing my stuffs.
So, with all the havoc going on, I only managed to snap one picture of my aunt, (not so great quality , due to the camera setting and bad lighting) and none of her sister .*Sad*

So here it is the one shot, hopefully it is still appreciate-able.

Thank you all for visiting and reading my post. Hope to have more adventures (or misadventures) to share with you guys soon.
Take care, talk to you soon.

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