Makeup Tutorial

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Engagement Makeup with Fariza - 18.09.2010

Bride: Fariza
Date: 18.09.10
Veneu: Klang
Color Theme: Peach
Makeup Style: Soft smokey socket with light peach on the lids

She is a very sweet and friendly girl. I lovely doing her makeup.
Her skin was pretty much clear except for a couple of zits (due to engagement stress??).
Anyway, nothing to heavy, she requested a very simple & light look, with just a tiny bit of smoke.
She did not want to offend any of the relative with too much makeup she said. =))
So here is the makeup, and again I did not manage to snap the before photo (as usual).

The head accessory is also provided by me.

Hope she enjoyed the makeup and had a beautiful ceremony.
Good luck girl, hope you will have me as part of your wedding experience as well.


  1. The makeup is so AYU.Really love the look,PERFECT! can you please do a tutorial for this look?pleaseeee..I wanna try this look for the 1st day of raya,it is so simple yet beautiful and her skin looked glowy.Hope to see this tutorial soon:D

  2. hye dear, i dont think i will be able to make a video this month. very busy during ramadhan.
    so sorry, but u can try my Tari Tirana makeup look, its kinda similar except that i used peach for Fariza instaed of pink.
    hope this helps.. :)

  3. Its okay.I've watched it.Thanks a lot.Its beautiful.Will try it.And your videos are really helpful,your blending technique is awesome.Hope u can make more awesome makeup look:)