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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Trial Makeup: Fatin (Arabian Inspired) - 03.07.10

Hey everybody.
I thought I might share a few photos of the trial makeup for my contest with you guys.
The trial session was done a day before the actual contest at my humble abode.
It was actually really late at night and both of us was really tired.
But I insist on doing a trial because I was afraid of the time limit and also this is my first time doing such dramatic makeup on Fatin.
I was not very satisfied with the whole outcome, so I studied my flaws and tried not to do them the next day.
Some of the mistakes I did was the type of eyeliner used, the angle of the liner and the shade of the lips.
Anyway, here are a few shots of the look paired with 2 types of head-gears.
Both owned by us.
And oh, I was not even bothered to put on fake lashes or mascaras. Lol~

With another type of head-gear.

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