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Monday, June 28, 2010

Engagement Makeup with Juju - 28.03.2010

Hey guys.
I know I have been so unproductive for the past few weeks.
Well, I thought of sharing a few pictures from a previous job of mine.
It was the engagement ceremony for Juju.
She is the sister to a friend of mine and my former roommate in college, Ca'en.
Thanks Ca'en for giving me this opportunity.

Anyway, the ceremony was held at their home in Subang Jaya.
Juju don't really wear makeup often.
I didn't want to scare her off with dark makeup, so I opted for a soft silver-ish purple smokey eyes.
She tends to have oily skin, so I gave her an overall matte foundation finish with a little bit of natural glow.
I also gave her sweet pinky blush and matching lips to go with the look.

I was glad that she loved the finished result, and so did her family.
I just wanna thank Ca'en and her entire family for just being so great.
A belated congratulations to Juju and her fiancee, and hope there is going to be a big wedding soon!
Hopefully, she would like to have my services again too. =))

Here are some photos taken during the ceremony.
(Thanks to Juju, and her photographer Kak Nani)

Ca'en helping her sister with the veil

Juju still looked so cute with the glasses on
Juju with her mom, I also did a bit of touch up with her mom
A photo with her very friendly aunt
And of course, the bride and groom to be, Congrats!


  1. syikin.. cantek ur make up... n kakak caen pun cantek! <3

  2. cantek kan die.. sgt2 chomel!!