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Monday, July 5, 2010

2nd Place in Pertandingan Andaman Pameran Pengantin Malaysia - 04.07.10

Hye guys.
Good morning. =)
If you have been following my blog, you would probably already know that I was going to enter a bridal makeup contest on the 4th.
Well, I did enter it yesterday. It was held at Midvalley Exhibition Center.

For this contest, I know in my mind that I wanted to do an arabic look.
But of course, before I could do the look, I need a suitable dress to go with the makeup look.
I've asked around if any of my family members have anything in their wardrobe that could pass an arabic bridal dress.
My cousin, suggested a few, and also my aunt.
But at last I found one in my sister's closet, a bright fuchsia pink jubah.
I was actually looking for something in white, but since I love to play with colors, I changed my mind and used that instead.

So that morning, the day of the contest, we went to City One Plaza to look for a matching hijab and veil.
So, we found a same colored, Syrian styled hijab.
Next, looking for a veil.
In the midst of trying a few different ones, I saw something else.
It was some sort of a bib, decorated with beads and sequins and I thought that it was perfect just to amp up my dress.
I got one in a bright pink color and bought a fuchsia pink veil as well.
So, off to Midvalley we go!!

My model for this time is my cousin, Faten.
We were contestant number 3.
She had great skin, but the only challenge for me here is her asymmetrical eyes.
The contest started at 4.30 and ended at 5.30 pm.
Then it was time to do some catwalking and all that fun stuff.
After that, the judges had some time to evaluate.
Oh, one of the judges was Nurin, from Nurin Makeover.
I love her work. =)

So after a little pass 6.00, they announced the top three winner, starting with 2nd placing.
And guess who?
It was none other than moi! =D
Happy, happy time!!

So yeah, that was it.
I changed namecards with a few people.
It was an unforgettable moment for me.
My family was there, my mom and dad, bro and sis, except for Scha, who is away in college right now.
My aunt came with her daughter, my model was my cousin.
It really was a family event that day.

This post is way long, but I just wanted to share every moment with you guys.
Anyway, here are a few photos of the entire evening.

Photography by D'Snapshot Photography (012-2058647)
Makeup & Wardrobe by Enchantique by Ekyn Nikiys

For more pictures, visit my facebook business page, CLICK HERE.


  1. GREAT kakak . Congrats :)
    tiba2 trngn nk akk make up lagi . :P