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Monday, July 12, 2010

Face Painting: A Different Kind Of Art - 10.07.10

It was a super fun day last Saturday.
I was hired by my aunt, who was the owner of USJ 25 Shell station to be part of her Shell V Power Carnival.
The job was to provide face paintings to the kids that were there.

So, a few day before that, I went to a costume store at The Weld to buy a face painting kit.
Who would have known those stuff are expensive.
A kit containing 6 tiny pans of colors cost me RM40.
I could buy a palette of eyeshadows with that much money. Haha~
Since it was soo tiny, I bought 2.
But it actually was quite a lot since it is water activated.
Meaning, you have to add water for those things to work.
But it was not the best quality.
The red is a bit orangey and the yellow just doesn't show up, and the gree is a bit too dark.

Anyway, this is my first time doing this kind of job, and it was fun.
Popular designs for the boys are World Cup teams and of course , Spiderman.
And for the girls, flowers and butterflies.

Here are some of the pictures taken by their official photographer, D'Snapshot Photography (012-2058647).

Thanks for reading guys.
It was fun, so if anyone out there would like me to do face paintings for their kids' parties feel free to ask.

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