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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pameran Pengantin 2010 - Day 02

Day 2 of the Pameran Pengantin 2010 held at PWTC.
I did the makeup for Pelamin Hati's model again.
Today she wore a bright pink kebaya jawa and she requested to wear her hair down.
So, I decided to give her a half up-do, no buns used.
Again with fresh flowers as decorations.
As for the makeup, we played it low today, keeping it as a soft socket with really light pearly pink on the lids and a light wash of smoke on the creases and outer corners.

Location: PWTC
Model: Fida
Wardrobe: Pelamin Hati
Pelamin: Pelamin Hati
Hair & Makeup: Ekyn Nikiys

Owh! I also did Farah's trial makeup.
She's getting married next month, and her current makeup artist told her that she could not carry the smokey eyes look, beause of her eye shape.
So I just tried to help her see how a smokey look would looks like on her eyes.
Personally, I don't think she has any problems carrying the look.

Location: PWTC
Model: Farah
Pelamin: Pelamin Hati
Hair & Makeup: Ekyn Nikiys

A shot of my two models together.

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