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Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Makeover Part 5 | Fatin

The final victim for our little makeover party held at Glory Beach Resort, Port Dickson was my little cousin (well, not so little anymore), Adeq Fatin. As we started it was already late, 9:30pm.
So, when asked,
"where are you going with all the makeup?",
she simply said,
"going to sleep, so i will look gorgeous when i see my dream guy".

She often wear light makeup, nothing to dramatic and heavy, so she wanted me to give her a bright yet dramatic look, so initially I went for red on her eyes, but then gradually blends it into a bright orange color on her lids. The result is a super fiery smokey eyes!

After finish doing her makeup I straight away took my camera and snap a few shots of the makeup, and let her view the shots that I took.
She was actually shocked by the photos (not to sure whether it's a good kinda shock or a bad one?). Only then I realized I haven't let her see the final outcome. I forgot to hand her the mirror. Sorry Fatin!

As I go on viewing the pictures on my camera, I realized she did looked a lot different. My sister and cousin was more amazed as they saw the before picture after going through the afters.

So, here is the before and after:
She actually have beautiful clear skin, the photo might look a bit patchy as I had applied some foundation on parts of her face.

Note: Her face is naturally tanner than her neck cuz she wears hijab, so I tried to match the color on her neck for this makeup session.

Here is a series of the makeup profile shots:

And following are shots taken by my professional photographer (a.k.a my dad).

Beauty in the making...

Hmm.. I wander if she met her dream guy that night? =))

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