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Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Makeover Part 4 | 'Kak' Ude Norlia

This is my 'Kak' Ude! Thehe~
Yup yup yup!
She was super excited with this makeover party thingy.
I had no problems doing her makeup. She's already a natural beauty, so not much work to do on her. (Saje puji lebih2 siket =))

She wanted me to do something different for her. She said she's so used to smokey look with lots of browns and greens, so she wanted me to do something colorful for her. So, that's exactly what I did for her.

Let the pictures to the talking aite?

Her before and after shots:

Here is series of the makeup profile shots:

And following are shots taken by my professional photographer (a.k.a my dad).

Beauty in the making...

She was so happy with the makeup, she even went for a romantic walk on the beach with her hubby with it.. =))

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