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Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Makeover Part 3 | Kak Zahirah

Kak Zahirah is actually Kak Fira's (previous post) younger sister. She was generous enough to volunteer to be my next victim for our Valentine's day makeover party. Yeayy!
She hesitated at first, but she gave in at last.

On her, I went with a soft socket olive green on the eyes (I didn't even asked her if she have any color she would prefer, how rude! Sorry Kak Zahirah, terlupa! =)). And, well green goes well with orange, so I went orange on everything else. Gave her a peachy coral blush on the cheeks and a bloody orange on the lips.

Owh, I forgot to snap a before picture, sorry. (I might steal a picture of her from her Facebook account.. thehe~)

But here is a series of makeup profile shots of her:

And also a portrait shot of her.
She looked bewitching doesn't she??

Thanks Kak Zahirah!!

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