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Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Makeover Part 2 | Kak Zafirah

So our makeover party on Valentine's day continues with my next victim, Kak Zafirah. She's actually a cousin of mine from Singapore.

Well, Kak Fira (as we call her) hardly wear any makeups so, she requested me to do something that she can try and do it on herself later. So I went with earthy colors on her eyes and gave her a peachy-golden glow on her cheeks and spicy brown lips.
Thanks god she liked the outcome!

Here is a before and after pic of her:

Here is a series of the makeup profile:

And a portrait shot of her. She's smiling all cheeky, I hope she really is happy with my work. Thehe~

Thanks again Kak Fira for trusting me to give you a makeover!! =))

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