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Friday, February 12, 2010

Model Makeover with Diyana Qish - 11.02.10

After not having classes for awhile, I finally went for another session of my professional makeup class today. And this time I brought my number one loyal model, my dearie Dean. Thank you so much Dean! (aku taw kau pnat jadi model aku, kene sental muke malam2, thanks dean, I really appreciate it!)

I was about an hour late, cuz I had a long drive tiring drive prior to my class, but at least I made it. I did everything in a rush cuz I didn't want to finish late and make my tutor wait for me.

But of course, working is such a rush, you will miss a step or two. I forgot to apply mascara on her lash and bind her real ones with the falsies, bu other than that, I think its not too bad. Although I personally think I can do better.

Anyways here is a before and after shot:

And of course, here is the makeup profile shots:

I didn't manage to snap a lot of pictures, cuz we had to leave straight away as I had somewhere else to be. So, sorry.

Hope you enjoyed this one post, talk to you guys soon.

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