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Monday, February 1, 2010

Freelance: Good Skin Labs Workshop

Hello ladies. And guys.
The last weekend, I volunteered at the Good Skin Labs Workshop that was held at the Starz Studio, SOGO.
The Nurul Shukor Academy sent us here. There were 5 of us.
It was a two days event, and we were required to do touch ups (not makeover!!) on their participants.

Well, it was an unpaid job, but we did get some free products.
I received a full size Smooth 365 worth RM195, and some sample sizes of their best selling products, the Tri-Aktiline, and also their newly launched Lumecin.
Pretty excited to try those stuff because I've heard very good reviews on them.

Anyways, the guest celebrity was Sheila Rusly.
I can't believe how skinny she actually is.
So I guess it is true that the camera actually adds 10 pounds to someone.

I did meet a lot of cool people there.
There was Sheila Rusly's personal makeup artist, Mr. Emmy Agung.
And some of the participants were pretty cool as well.
I did manage to get to know and chat a little bit with a few of the participants.
But I'm sorry, I did not get their names.
They took my business card with them, so if you happen to read this entry, do leave a comment.
You know who you are. =)

Oh yeah. I had a picture taken with Sheila Rusly, but that was it.
It was a rush and I did not manage to take photos with any of the ladies that I made up that day.

Here's the photo taken on the final day of the workshop.

From left to right: Moi!, Sheila Rusly looking totally gorgeous, Munirah and Nurul.

Hope you enjoyed that one picture for this post.
Have a great week ahead of you.
Happy Federal Day!!
Talk to you soon.

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