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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Model Makeover with Ita - 27.01.10

Another day for another makeup adventure!!
I brought Chimey again to class today.
Because she is a famous Shah Alam celebrity. Thehe~

But then, Munirah and I decided to trade models.
So instead, I got the chance to makeup her beautiful and lovely sister-in-law, Kak Ita. Chimey.
Well, I just call her Ita, because I myself, don't like to be called KAK!
Ita is a very cute and pretty lady indeed, big eyes, cute nose, and small tiny lips.
In certain angle I thought she looked a bit like Michelle Phan.

She was wearing a red shirt, but I did not want to do another red look this week, so I choose a totally contrasting color for her eyes today, GREEN!

On her lids, I used MAC's Swimming which was a gorgeous green color.
At first I thought that it was going to be a darker green, but when I did a swatch, it wasn't too intense and was just really pretty.

Again, with the 'soft-socket' eyes, brown on crease, black on the outer corner, yada.. yada.. BAMM!
I used MAC's blusher in Peaches and gave her a peachy pink lips and it was all good.

So, here are a few shots of the finished look.

This shot was taken by Kak Nurul herself.

Damn, don't I look like a professional!!

And here is a face shot of the model, Ita with moi!

And of course, how can I live without the winning shot, again by Kak Nurul with her Magic Mirror!

So, I really hope you guys had fun reading this post.. Or not reading!
At least just enjoy the pictures.
I'll talk to you soon.
Have a great day!!

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