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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Model Makeover with Faatin Nasreen - 09.03.10

So, I'm back again with my model makeover.
And this time I brought another old classmate of mine when I was studying Architecture in UiTM, Faatin.
She's a newly engaged, so congrats on your engagement dear.
Don't forget to name me as your makeup artist on you wedding day!! =)
Owh, btw, Kak Nurul said she had a "keibuan" look on her face.

So, tonight, we did something different.
A fellow classmate of mine requested to do a party makeup.
So what's party without a whole lots of glitters, right?

First, Kak Nurul demonstrated the makeup on moi!
Too bad for me.
Well, not because I got the chance to be made up by Kak Nurul, but, because she only finished my one eye, and left the other one halfway.
Haha~ (saje je anda-anda yang berkaitan!!)
Anyway, we created the same look on all of our models.
It's a socket eye makeup with glittery turqouise blue on the lids and dark brown / black in the crease.

Here are some shots of the results, starting with a before and after shots.

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