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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Follow me on my Professional Makeup Adventure

Heyy all!
I haven't post any updates since New Year.
So, here it goes..

Well, in my previous post, I did mentioned that I have joined a professional makeup class.
That's one of the reasons why I haven't upload any vids on my Youtube account.
I've been busy.

The class itself isn't that time consuming.
It's just that the free time that I usually use to create new looks for my channel is used as my practicing time for what I've learned in the classes.
I don't feel like filming tutorials on that because it's basically the same thing over and over again.
I'm perfecting my skill on a particular makeup technique and I don't think it is much fun to watch.

So, I'm thinking of something new to do on this blog.
A lot of my classmates have started their own makeup blogs.
Well, unlike me, they have actually started their professional career as a freelance makeup artist.
Unlike me, who is still doing nothing at home.
Yeah, I know, I'm so unproductive.

But, did you know, you actually need a lot of money to start your own professional makeup kit?
The last time I've estimated, it's about RM4000 - RM5000 (we're talking 80% MAC products).
Where in the world am I supposed to find that kind of money.
So, I've tried to minimize what ever I possibly can.
Give and take, a bit of MAC (15%), Kryolan (10%), PAC (25%), Farmasi (25%) and what ever I already have (a.k.a my huge collection of Elianto eye shadows) well, I probably need about RM2000 more.
Hopefully not more than that.

So, back to this blog update, I think I'm gonna post more makeup photos that I did for my classes.
Well, we have started to do makeup on models, instead of doing in it on our own face, which is kinda boring if you think about it.
So watch out for that.
And yeah, hopefully I will start posting photos of my actual "professional makeup job" (post-grad *wink*) soon enough.

Until then, talk to you soon.

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