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Monday, September 19, 2011

Raihan's Engagement - 17092011

Raihan's Engagement
Location: Taman Sri Andalas, Klang

She is my dear friend from college.
Of course she is already pretty before makeup, I just enhanced her natural beauty.
Congratulation dear Re'an.
Hope it was a beautiful start of your great journey towards a happy and wonderful wedding.
I was honoured to be apart of it.
Thanks for fully trusting me.

Fyi, my dear readers, she refused to look into the mirror before I'm fully done with her makeup & styling.
She said that she wanted to be surprised, and of course she was surprised with the final result, hopefully in a good way. :)

ps: Raihan's jewelries are from Enchantique by EkynNikiys' collection. :)


  1. cikin! cantek la! hehe. sampai mak Im pun puji make up 'elok' (cantik) dalam orang perlis' expression. huhuhu. thank you so much dear! hehe. nikah nnt nak awk gak!

  2. hi ekyn! just nak tanya, saya akan jadi pengapit next month. baju color grey, make up mata ni sesuai tak nak match dgn baju? tapi taknak tebal sgt takut overshadow pengantin pulak, hehe. macam mana nak buat ye? nervous ni sbb first time jadi pengapit. nak la nampak elok =)

  3. What do you use to make the cheeks glowing. Which blush