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Monday, March 28, 2011

Nora's Solemnization - 26032011

Hi all.
This weekend, I had two sessions, one for a solemnization ceremony, & one for a reception for the same bride.
She is actually my returning customer.
I did the makeup for her engagement awhile ago, and she hired me again to do her wedding this time. :)
I am so thankful, at least I know one person who actually like my work.
She booked me a few months ago for all three ceremonies, her solemnization, and both her & his receptions.

Initially, I wanted to share two of our sessions in one post, but I accidentally forgot to bring my camera on Sunday, and only manage to share pictures of the first session this time.
Hopefully she will email me some photos of the second makeup soon.

One thing I love working with this girl is that she is very specific in what she wanted.
She sent me photos of the hairstyles she wanted way back when, and she prepared some reference photos for the makeup that she want for all three events.
I don't have to worry whether my smoky eyes is too dark for her or my foundation is too thick for her.
I just pick up some inspiration from the collage of makeup references, and go with it.

Anyway, for her solemnization ceremony, she wanted a simple fresh faced makeup with light brown on the eyes and glowing skin.
For the hair, she wanted a half up-do, with romantic curls going down the back.
I sort of did Taylor Swift's curls on her and pinned half of it up messily.

Here are a before & after shot.

I love how the skin still looks dewy & glowy even without flash photography.

You might not see the hair properly under the veil, but it's just a wavy loose half up-do.

Anyway, congrats both Nora & Suffian on your union.

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