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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Salina's Bridal Party - 17.10.2010

I was introduces to Salina by my dear friend Dean a.k.a Qish (She's a great cupcakes baker).
So this job is credited to you Dean. Thanks girl.
Salina asked me to do the hair and makeup for the bridal party (i.e. Mother & Sister of the Bride, and the bridesmaids).
With the help of my sister, Elyna (she did most of the hair-do), we manage to get 5 people in total, ready for their _ _ _ _ _ (Insert: daughter's/sister's/cousin's/friend's) big day.

Makeup: Ekyn Nikiys
Hair: Elyna & Ekyn Nikiys

Here are some photos of the bridal party
(The first one I did was the Mother of the Bride, whom I did not had the chance to take a photo of =(( )

Then I did Salina's cousin (Did not get her name, sorry dear).
She was a very young girl, so I tried to stay in the softer side with pinks on the lids, cheeks, and lips (So cute with the curly hair, right??).

This is with her complete outfit.

Next in line was the Bridesmaid, I believe she is a very good friend of the Bride.

The next one is the older sister of the girl in the first picture, Azie (Sorry if I got your name wrong).

Follows is a picture of Azie and her younger sister, and also with the bridesmaid.

And last, but not least the busiest girl on that day, the Maid of Honor / Sister of the Bride, Surya, she was in a rush, so I had to do makeup in a rush as well. So I opted for a simple smokey eyes, just concentrating on the cheeks. Didn't even apply mascara because she requested so, but it's ok, because she's naturally pretty.
(Before picture credited to her Facebook, but no, I'm not a stalker)

Anyways, would like to take this chance to thanks Salina for this wonderful opportunity and congratulations on your wedding and have a great marriage dear.